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Life With Baby Postpartum Planning Session

Life With Baby Postpartum Planning Session 
Rate - $150 for 1 hour virtual session + Life With Baby Workbook

Service includes the following:


  • 1 hour customized virtual postpartum planning session with birthing parent & partner/support person

  • Life With Baby Workbook - this will be the template and guide to create your written plan

  • Text support as needed throughout your postpartum recovery



​What is a Postpartum Plan?

A postpartum plan is a written document to help prepare the mother (and her support person) for the emotional changes after having a baby.


Often during pregnancy, so much time and effort is dedicated to preparing for the delivery of baby (reading books, attending birth/feeding/newborn care classes, etc.) And once the baby arrives the needs of parents are easily forgotten. The postpartum period can be a vulnerable time with so many changes, both physically and emotionally. The best way to prepare for this time is to have a plan.

In a postpartum planning session, you will learn the best ways to emotionally prepare for the arrival of your baby, and the change of life that follows.  We will work together to create a written postpartum plan for both mom, and the support person for the most critical areas during your the postpartum time including sleep, nutrition, support and self care. 


Ideally, a postpartum plan would be created during pregnancy in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. However, it is never too late! A plan also can be created after baby is born. 













Topics discussed and incorporated into your postpartum plan during your session: 

(plus any additional needs/concerns based on your individual situation,
it's customized for YOU!)


  • Practical coping tools for functioning every day while sleep deprived

  • The realities of postpartum recovery 

  • What to expect the first 40 days after birth

  • Balancing hormonal shifts and the Baby Blues

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) - what they look like, risk factors, and action plan

  • Managing expectations, fears, and external pressures

  • Preparing for the unexpected

  • Affirmations, mantras, and self-love to build your confidence

  • Partner tips for support and care




Self Care

Who Needs a Postpartum Plan?

Everyone expecting a baby! 
Building a postpartum plan is a necessity, not a luxury before baby arrives.
It is a continuation of care from pregnancy and childbirth.  


A postpartum plan is especially important for people that need the following:


  • Support preparing mom and/or partner for the adjustments of parenthood 

  • Having a baby after experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety after a previous baby

  • A mother with a history of anxiety, depression or trauma

  • Support after experiencing a loss, fertility treatment, adoption or surrogacy

  • Coping strategies to ease anxiety, depression or racing thoughts

  • Creating a mind and body connection for greater confidence

  • Empowering your partner/support person

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