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Processing Your Emotions Session 

Processing Your Emotions Session
Rate - $150 for 1 hour virtual session 

Service includes the following:


  • 1 hour 1:1 virtual session with parent 

  • Customized support plan after the session with resources and coping skills

There is a common narrative that having a baby is supposed to be the most beautiful, joyful and magical time. While this can be true on so many different levels, it is also important to talk about the challenging emotions that come with the reality and responsibility of having a baby. Words like guilt, sadness, anxiety, grief can feel so heavy, but they do not have to be scary and create a doom and gloom situation. Talking openly and honestly about emotions around parenthood helps everyone.


This session is an outlet for you to be seen and heard. You can discuss any emotions on your mind and challenges that you are facing. This includes sorting through the range of emotions during pregnancy, sorting through baby blues and other postpartum mood disorders after childbirth, processing your birth experience, communication/expectations with family and friends, and any grief or loss that you may be experiencing during the transition into parenthood. 

The goal of this session is to help identify and understand your emotions, and provide validation, reassurance and relevant resources for support and continued care.



A coaching session is incredibly helpful for
  • Parents that need help quickly (you can be scheduled within days not weeks)
  • Extra support in between therapy sessions
  • If you simply do not know where to start
Reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness

Who Can Do This Session?

Any person person during any phase of parenthood that needs help identifying and processing their emotions. This session is customized for 1:1 individual support, so it is not a couples session. 


This session is incredibly powerful for people that need emotional support through:


  • Feeling "off" and not knowing why

  • Scary or intrusive thoughts,

  • Not feeling good enough as a parent

  • Anxiety and depression during pregnancy or postpartum

  • Long, difficult, traumatic birth experience

  • NICU stays

  • Miscarriage or infant loss

  • Relationship and communication challenges with partner, family members, in-laws

  • Finding your new identity as a parent

  • Grieving your old life 

  • Returning to work or deciding to stay at home with baby

  • Stress around breastfeeding, feeding, or infant sleep challenges

  • Managing expectations, fears, guilt, and external pressures

  • Sex, intimacy, body image challenges

  • Loneliness and isolation 

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