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Father with Newborn Baby

Newborn Care for Parents Session

Newborn Care for Parents Session 
Rate - $150 for 1 hour virtual session 

Service includes the following:


  • Private 1 hour virtual session with parent, partner/support person

  • Customized support plan after the session with resources and educational slides

This is a really fun, interactive and informational session!
It's a must have session fo
r first time parents, and experienced parents that need a refresher. This session focuses on the first 3 months after your baby arrives, which is known as the newborn period. 


Topics covered in this session include:

  • Newborn appearances at delivery and during the newborn period

  • Physical care and what to expect

  • Techniques for soothing your crying/fussy baby

  • Basics of newborn sleep, what to expect

  • How to diaper your baby (using disposable or cloth diapers)

  • How to bathe your baby (sponge baths and infant bath tub)

  • The emotional transition into parenthood, what to expect and tips for thriving 



Who Can Do This Session?

Any person expecting a baby!
This session can be done prenatally in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, or after baby has arrived! 


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