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—  Postpartum Plan Client,
1st time mom

“I was terrified my anxiety would take over after my baby arrived. Having a plan in place with tools I could use really made me feel more confident."



Below are some examples of the kind words parents have shared regarding their experience with Mama Peace. I am so honored and thankful to have worked with so many wonderful families. Thank you!

Placenta Encapsulation Client Testimonials 


"Working with Amy was a fantastic experience. Through a different provider, I encapsulated my placenta with my first child and this experience was so much more positive both in terms of customer service and product results. Communicating with Amy was always easy Both before and after the birth, Amy was quick to respond to emails, phone calls and texts; happy to communicate with my family members if I wasn't available; and, always upbeat and supportive. It was always a joy to speak with her because she had a great attitude and left me feeling confidant as an expectant and then new mother (even though it was my second time around!). I ended up having quite a bit of anxiety the months following the birth and the capsules worked. I would take the recommended dose, and, later in the day, realize my anxiety was gone. Knowing that I could keep it in check gave me a sense of relief which then allowed me to sleep better, be more present with the baby, and more easily cope with the difficulties/stresses that come with having a new baby. I did not have this experience with my first child, so I'm convinced Amy knows what shes doing. Also, during the encapsulation process, she was extremely considerate of my home and my family's schedule. She left our kitchen sparkling...I think literally. If I were to have another child I would us Amy again without hesitation and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks you Amy!!" 


"Amy is not only professional, informative and knowledgeable. She is the sweetest person you've ever encountered. So happy I found her and that she was apart of such a unique and amazing part of my life. If I ever have another baby or can ever make a recommendation, it'll be with Mama Peace!"


"Hello ladies! My name is Leslie and I am a first time mom of a four month old baby girl :) When I was pregnant I read all the scary stories out there about PPD and saw first hand the damaging effects in my sister who has been through it with all three of her children. It was her that first heard about encapsulation and suggested I look into it. When I did, and got in touch with Amy, she made me so comfortable and walked me through every step as I was giving birth in a hospital (NAMC) that then required a court order for the process. She was so helpful and patient with all the questions and steps. While still in the hospital, I received the broth, and when I got home, everything was done and ready to go! I started taking my capsules and off I went! I didn't have another birth to compare this to but everyone around me was astonished at my energy levels, that I was getting out and jogging, that I was sleeping well (as well as you can with a newborn) that I was getting out with baby because I wanted to, and that I wasn't depressed!! My sister says she is definitely going to encapsulate with #4!! It was an awesome experience for me!!" 


"I would definitely encapsulate my placenta again with Amy after another baby. I already have been sharing the information with anyone that will listen. To me, it seems like one of those obvious why not's. It can't hurt, it can only help. I was very impressed with Amy, and my husband was pleased with the service too. She left my kitchen cleaner when she left than it was before she came."


"Amy really exceeded my expectations. Although I like the idea of encapsulation being done in my home, I have to admit I was a little worried it would be awkward, but it wasn't at all. Amy was easy to talk to and she also was able to work in a way that allowed us to go about our business as usual. She puts a lot of care into what she does, and that makes all the difference in the world. It's obvious she loves helping people!"

"I wanted to encapsulate my placenta to combat postpartum depression, have more energy, and to keep my iron and overall well-being high. Overall, I noticed I felt better when i took the capsules. I felt a boost of energy."



"Amy explained the process well, and we knew what to expect. She surpassed all our expectations by far with her professionalism, cleanliness, and pride in handling our placenta. She left the kitchen cleaner than when she arrived. And she has this air of respect that she brings into your home - both for the home, and for the work she's doing."



"Amy we are so grateful we found you! We loved having you in our home. Thank you so much for your dedication to this invaluable service. I am now a believer in encapsulation benefits! You provided very clear dosage and care instructions, including when not to take the capsules."


Postpartum Doula Client Testimonials

“Amy was very helpful postpartum. She was very supportive and empowering, especially on the topic of breast feeding. I had a hard time with it in the beginning, especially with low milk supply. If ever I have a question in the future, I know I can contact Amy. She is always available by phone and email. My newborn and I are grateful for the support she has given us postpartum. We are doing great, and credit her in part for that! ”


"The most beneficial part of having a postpartum doula is…everything. Amy was able to help with baby storytime resources, lactation resources, postpartum depression resources, etc. I had so SO many questions, and it was just nice to have someone who was so knowledgeable and understanding."


"I would definitely recommend a postpartum doula to a new mom. The (positive) stress of a new baby can be overwhelming, and the support from a doula (especially early on) can help alleviate that stress. At least it did for me."

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