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Mother's Broth


Mother's Broth is the water that is used to steam the placenta. Just like when you steam veggies for example, the water absorbs nutrients, hormones and iron from the placenta into the water making it beneficial to consume.  It also contains the Traditional Chinese Medicine warming herbs Myrrh and Ginger (which are added to the water before steaming), and is often referred to as the “the miracle soup”. The Mother's Broth is a great way to to jump start your system on Day 1 before the placenta capsules are complete on Day 2.


Some moms choose to consume the broth, and others do not. Its totally up to you! It does not have a bad taste, and a single dose is a small amount, about the size of a shot. You can mix it in tea, juice, soup or anything you like. If you prefer not to drink the broth, it makes a wonderful plant food!



Mother's Broth Testimonials


(provided by PBi clients and encapsulation specialists)


“It was like drinking two shots of espresso without getting the jitters and never having a crash. I felt great!”


“I had a recent client who was recommended for a blood transfusion because her iron levels were so low after hemorrhaging. She didn’t want the transfusion, so she drank the entire pint size jar of broth and was able to take two doses of capsules. She improved so much that they released her, and no transfusion was necessary.”


“My sister mixed the broth with minestrone soup (and she is super picky about food).She forgot to ask for pain medication for 10 hours after her c-section. She said she never felt better, and wished we could somehow make the broth last forever.”


“For most of my clients who drink it (probably around 90%), their milk comes in within 12 hours!”


“I froze mine because I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it after my daughter’s birth. We made chili with ours when my daughter was 40 days old. The chili was awesome, and my husband and I were both in a great mood afterwards. We ended up cleaning the house after supper from all the energy we had.”




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