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Service includes the following:


  • One hour consultation (in person, phone, Skype, your choice!)

  • On-call availability one week before and after due date

  • Preparation and encapsulation of placenta in mom's home

  • 100% time and energy dedicated to only YOUR placenta during the entire process
    (There is 0% chance of cross contamination, mixing blood, or ingesting someone else's placenta!)

  • Warming Mother's Broth for consumption on Day 1

  • Placenta capsules for consumption on Day 2

  • Dried cord keepsake

  • Dosage and storage instructions

  • Guide to local postpartum resources (support groups, providers, activities, etc)

  • Follow up postpartum support after delivery and throughout your recovery

Step 1
Let's Talk
  • Let's get together! One hour consultation provided. Let's meet at a local coffee shop, or talk via phone/Skype.  

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure service.

  • Depending on where you will deliver, a hospital release form may be necessary for your placenta to be released. I will assist you in ensuring you have the proper paperwork complete.

Step 2
Baby Arrives!
  • Contact me when you go into labor. Good luck on your big day!

  • Mom transports placenta from hospital/birthing center to mom's home in an air tight container or bag placed inside a cooler, and stores in refrigerator.

  • Placenta will be encapsulated within 72 hours after birth in mom's home. 

  • Exact time for encapsulation is scheduled.

Step 3
Step 4
Heal and Love
  • Encapsulation will be complete in mom's home over two days. Each session will take approx. 2-3 hours to complete.

  • All materials/supplies are provided. Mom just needs to provide the placenta!

  • Kitchen workspace and materials are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in accordance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.

  • Warming mother's broth is ready for consumption on Day 1.

  • Placenta capsules are ready for consumption on Day 2.
    A placenta typically yields 80 -120 capsules. The number of capsules depends on the size of the placenta.

  • Dosage and instructions are provided.

  • Store capsules in refrigerator.

  • Consume capsules as needed, per dosage instructions.

  • Freeze any leftover capsules to be used during future times of stress (moving, new job, parenting woes, etc.), and leftover capsules can be consumed during menopause to help alleviate hormonal fluctuations.

  • Remember, you are never alone. Motherhood is challenging, and no matter your situation, there is always help.

  • Be kind and gentle to yourself, your postpartum well-being is a treasured gift.

  • Visit the Resources webpage for more postpartum wellness information, and contact Amy with any questions.

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